Cow Herd

The cow herd consists of Hereford, Angus, and Crossbred females that run on irrigated pasture year round. In the winter they are maintained with alfalfa hay and minimal grazing. 


The Hereford cows have been leased out to a ranch in eastern Oregon where they are being bred to Angus bulls to produce F1 baldy heifers and bulls. 

If you are interested in these F1 cross genetics you may contact us. 


The Angus cows are being used with natural service sires to produce purebred replacement females for the commercial cowherd at D. Yam Farms, LLC in Kuna, ID. 

These females originate from the Reynolds Brother Angus operation in Kuna, ID.

Industry Oriented Genetics
Commercial Herd

The commercial herd consist of predominately Angus genetics with a small percentage of Hereford influence. These females are bred to Angus bulls and calves are sold at auction after backgrounding for 2-3 months.